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"Jazz Records"

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From the Europa Radio Jazz Archives,  "Jazz Records"


A musical programme dedicated to the history of jazz and its recordings from the 20’s to today…

They are all live recordings from 1923 from the radio stations and clubs


Presents: Vittorio Castelli


Jazz Records 01      Louis Armstrong        1925/1926


Jazz Records 02      Louis Armstrong        1926/1927


Jazz Records 03       Louis Armstrong        1927/1928


Jazz Records 04       Louis Armstrong        1928/1929


Jazz Records 05       Louis Armstrong        1928


Jazz Records 06       Louis Armstrong         1928   Alex Hill Orchestra  1929/1930


Jazz Records 07       Charlie Parker 1941/1945


Jazz Records 08       Charlie Parker Sarah Vaughan


Jazz Records 09       Duke Ellington 1940


Jazz Records 10       Duke Ellington 1940


Jazz Records 11       Duke Ellington 1941


Jazz Records 12      Duke Ellington 1941


Jazz Records 13      Metronom  All Stars  Coll.Of Jazz  1939/1946


Jazz Records 14      Metronom All Stars


Jazz Records 15     Johnny Dods-Jimmy Blyte 1927/1929


Jazz Records 16     Johnny Dods


Jazz Records 17    Buck Clayton Jam Session 1953


Jazz Records 18    Buck Clayton Jam Session 1954


Jazz Records 19    Buck Clayton Jam Session 1955/1956


Jazz Records 20    Charlie Christian & Benny Goodman 1939/1940


Jazz Records 21     Benny Goodman Charlie Christian Count Basie Freddie Green Walter Page

Lester Young Session 1940


Jazz Records 22      Red Allen Pee Wee Russell New York 13/04/1932

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