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"Night Club"

Our Weekly Appointments

From the Europa Radio Jazz Archives, Elda Botta presents «Night Club»

A trip around the world in the famous Night Clubs in America and Europe with sensational live jazz sessions

Night club 01         Cotton Club - New York


Night club 02          Zanzibar Cafe - New York


Night Club 03            Hichory House -  New York


Night Club 04           Village Vanguard - New York


Night Club 05          Half Note Five Spot. Count Basie Jazz Club - New York


Night Club 06          Minton’s Cafe Boemia - New York


Night Club 07          Metropol Stuyvesant Plaza -  New York


Night Club 08           Village Gate Sweet Basil Storyville - New York


Night Club 09            Part One: Southland  Boston (US)    

                                       Part Two: Blue Note Chicago


Night Club 10             Sherman Trianon - Chicago


Night Club 11             Olivia Club - Washington


Night Club 12              House of Jazz  New Orleans… Renaissance - Washington


Night Club 13              Crescendo - Hollywood


Night Club 14              Silver Slipper Hollywood Part Two:Tropicana Las Vegas


Night Club 15              Part One: Oasis Club Palm Spring (CA)   

                                    Part Two: The Blackawk Night Club - San Francisco


Night Club 16              Hangover Club - Palm Spring (CA)


Night Club 17              Part One: St Germain Night Club Paris  Le Chat Qui Peche -  Paris 

                                    Part Two: Blue Note Paris - House Montmatre - Night Club Paris


Night Club 18              Ronnie Scott Jazz Club - London


Night Club 19              Birdland Jazz Club -  New York


Night Club 20              Birdland  Jazz Club- New York


Night Club 21              The Haig -  Los Angeles  (CA)


Night Club 22              Trade Winds Ingelwood (CA)

                                    Part Two:  Crescendo Club Hollywood (CA)

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